The Effect Of Salt For Deicing

Living in a place that snows a lot in the winter, after snowing, the cold temperature created ice on the roads and sidewalks. The ice makes the road slippery and it can be very dangerous for people when they are both driving and walking. The ice must be cleaned as fast as possible to make the road passable and to prevent accidents. This is where de-icing chemicals come to work.

Transport and road management governments would send trucks go around the roads and spread a mixture of salt and sand so that the ice would melt quickly than usual. People would also use deicers for the same reasons at their home and their neighborhoods. In 2008, U.S. consumption of salt for deicing was 22.6 Mt, which was about 9% more than that of 2007. It required more rock salt usage because of the greater winter precipitation in late 2008. The United States produced more salts than any other countries in the world until the year of 2005, when China surpassed the United States to become the leading producing nation (Kostick, 2010). Chemicals using for deicing have physical and chemical properties; their melting capacities have great differences due to their properties.

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