Far Away Brother Essay | 2019

Please reflect on 2 of the 3 following prompts (2-3 single spaced pages) in your reflection of the journey outlined by Lauren Markham “The Far Away Brothers”. You may use outside sources but they must be documented.

1) Describe how the relationship of Ernesto and Raul had evolved over time by highlighting what you consider pivotal events in their lives that they endured together. Specify what happened in these events and what impact you think those occurrences had on their development.

2) In what ways do the experiences of Ernesto and Raul at Oakland International High School illuminate what it means to be an American teenager? In what ways was their experiences not typical? Compare their high school experience with yours by looking at specific events that have happened.

3) Name 2 individuals that play a pivotal role in the brothers lives and what those people can tell us about American policies and influences regarding the migration and experiences of children who come to the US seeking safety and refuge?

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