Intel304 Final

In about 200 words for each question answer the following:

  1. Describe four types of unattended ground sensor. Research and discuss a real-life case where these types of sensors are used to gather intelligence.
  2. Describe at least five different technical methods that can help positively identify an human being.
  3. What is Foreign Material Exploitation and what purpose does it serve? Choose one real-life example from the above types of collection and describe that collection operation’s purpose, methods, and challenges.
  4. What type of collection activities would support medical intelligence?
  5. Research and choose one real-life example of medical intelligence and describe that operation’s purpose, methods, and challenges.

Please use the assigned course readings. To earn points you MUST demonstrate that you’ve read and comprehended the content of the material linked below!


Acoustic and seismic sensors 

Unattended ground sensor article:

Hydrophone article:

Materials exploitation

AF FME article:

Medical Intelligence

Article about NCMI:


WIRED magazine article:

Military pub on biometrics:

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