How it Works?

How WhizzEssays Works?

How to order

Below is a simple step-by-step guide on how to get a premium quality custom paper written for you. It is so far the simplest ordering process you will ever come across.

From the menu bar, click the “Order Now” link and follow the simple steps below.

Fill in the order details and your contact information

After following the “Order Now” link, you will be directed to our first section where you fill all the details regarding your order. We have developed an easy to use interface where you just choose from the available options by clicking the drop down menu on every section. Once through filling order details, kindly proceed and fill in the short contact information section to help us easily customize live support for you. Also remember to agree to the terms and conditions to be able to proceed to the next step. Once through, click “Preview” to go the next section.

Confirm order information

Although our system is very simple to use, we encourage you to always check through your order information to confirm that you have provided all the essential information. Our simplified Order Preview section makes this an easy affair for you. Provision of correct information is the first step in writing a high quality paper that meets all your requirements.

Making payment

Once satisfied that you have provided all the essential information, kindly click “Complete” to go the payment section. Once there, our system will lead you into choosing you preferred payment method and subsequently automatically redirecting you to PayPal where you make the payment by choosing “Pay with my PayPal account”.

Don’t have a PayPal account? Do not worry because you can choose the second option “Create a PayPal account” in which PayPal has made it easy for you to create an account via a very simple process. When done creating an account proceed and make the payment accordingly.

Verify order and payment information via verification email sent to your email address

This is yet another step that allows you to confirm that we have received your order and payment and that we have already began working on your order. Simply check your email inbox for the verification email. Sometimes the email might land in your spam folder so if you do not find it in the inbox folder check in you spam folder and if there, select “not spam” for similar emails to go directly to inbox.

Order processing and tracking

Once we receive your order we assign it to one of our top writers whose qualification and experience matches your specifications. Just to mention, we ONLY USE PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES as these present more current, credible and reliable peer and technically reviewed research information preferred by professors and lecturers. Of course we use e-books as well as other sources according to your demands. During the researching and writing process, the Quality Assurance Department closely monitors the quality of the information and the final order to ensure that all your instructions are adhered to the letter.

You have an opportunity to track the progress of your order via our 24/7 live support or through the messaging system to the admin and/or writer.

Order preview, approval and submission

Once satisfied that a paper passes all our quality parameters, we will request you to preview the order via a link provided to you. When you approve the order we then submit it you in a timely manner. Just incase you need some adjustments or revision done to your paper, kindly do not hesitate to contact us and we will do this free of charge. We care about your grade.

About us

We have fifteen years’ experience of tutoring students in higher education and helping them reach their goals. We have a dedicated team of highly trained proffessional writers whose sole aim is to provide quality and exceptional service to our customers. We do not use students to handle our work load but instead we employ qualified Read More

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WhizzEssays online payment will be processed via a secure payment system (e.g., PayPal). We don't have access to your credit card information, so it is absolutely safe to pay for your paper.


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